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Nádhenrý layl,tak rozcesník že by se tu tu opět rozjelo ? :-)

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Ahoj jestly se chceš přihlásit do VGS tak klikni na odkaz díky:


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Nice blog, I was doing a little web snooping and happened onto your blog, I was wondering if you knew your blog is rendering unusually in the K-mellon browser. I will see most of it but the pictures are somehow out of wallop. Probably not a big deal since basically nobody uses it any longer but I am old school and still run it.

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Thank you very much for sharing a lot of this great content! I am looking forward to seeintg more blogs.

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I happen to enter your blog with the help of Google search. To my sheer luck I got what I was searching for. Thanks.

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Q. If Mr. and Mrs. Bigger had kids, who would be the biggest of the three?

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